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12th May 2019
Quantum Break's Amelia Rose Blaire-Dechart Joins Lunafon: Tales of the Moon Oak Cast

This week, Amelia Rose Blaire-Dechart, the wonderful actor behind Quantum Break's Amy Ferrero, announced her latest game project, Lunafon: Tales of the Moon Oak, a gorgeously animated game currently collecting funding through Kickstarter

Lunafon: Tales of the Moon Oak is a 2D game set in 3D space, with beautifully hand-painted environments and characters, and frame-by-frame animation. The project so far has taken two and a half years to bring to life by its small team of four animators, two artists, and two developers.

Official Game Synopsis: 

The game takes place across two lands; Lunafon, the land of the Moon, and Annwn, the land of the Sun. It follows the journey of our main character, Lunie, through these lands after the magic of Lunafon starts to die. An army of deadly Broga have swept through Lunafon and stolen the Moon Lantern, taking it back to Annwn to the Withered King, Arawn.
.Lunie must travel through her land to the sunken Halls of Cynddylan, where the barrier between the two worlds opens. When she arrives in Annwn however, she discovers that not all is as it seems. Before she can get to the Lantern, she must first get past the three beasts of Annwn; the deadly Widemaw, the Ridge Serpent, and the Goliath Broga, and then she must come face to face with Arawn himself.

For the game, Amelia will be voicing The Pirate Queen alongside fellow actor and husband, Brian Dechart, providing the voice of Noone. They will join the very talented cast of Viki Owen (Lunie), Seàn McLoughlin (Arawn), Ffion Jolly (Granny Elder), Roger Clark (Dogfeilion), Bryce Papenbrook (rosaroar). and Sean Chiplock (Raggety).

At time of writing, £15,782 of its £225,000 goal has been raised by 413 backers, with twenty three days left to go. Backers can pre-order a selection of goodies including early copies of the game, pins, plushies, posters, signed art books, original artwork and more!

Check out the team's crowdfunding campaign, HERE


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