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11th May 2019
Neogames Publishes 2018 Review of the Finnish Games Industry

If you're interested in learning more about the Finnish gaming industry, Neogames has recently published their annual review detailing all of the activities and changes which have taken place over the past twelve months.

The document is 136 pages long and is packed with information on Finland's game history since 1979, state of the industry, studio profiles, education, and support networks.

Between 1995 to 2018 there have been almost 600 gaming studios, 220 of which were still active by the end of 2018. In comparison, the first Neogames review took place in 2004, in which 40 studios were counted. Now, 46% were based in the capital city, with 75% of all developers creating games for Android devices (the most popular device for studios).

I love learning about the industry in the country as it has such a rich history of creative start ups and beloved studios. It's a really interesting read! You can see the full report, HERE


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