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18th April 2019
TrueAchievements Explore The Potential Of Multiple Worlds in Control

If you're a long-time Remedy fan, there's a good chance that you're already familiar with Mark Delaney's amazing articles at TrueAchievements. Whenever there's a Remedy piece on the site, it's likely that Mark is behind it, and over the years he has been behind the Alan Wake and Quantum Break nominations for the TA Playlist (both of which were winners in the community poll!), in addition to interviewing developers and arranging giveaways.

In his latest article, Mark explores the potential multiple universes coexisting within Control's Federal Bureau of Control's corridors, possibly even gateways to Bright Falls and Riverport where references to the A.W.E. are also found.

It's a really interesting and in-depth read, and extremely nerdy, so pretty perfect for our kind of community! Check it out on the TrueAchievements website, HERE!


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