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13th April 2019
Petri Alanko & Martin Stig Andersen Announced as Composers for Control

Concluding Tero Virtala's presentation on "The Transformation of Remedy Entertainment" at Reboot Develop Blue, the CEO showcased a teaser of an upcoming developer diary, which revealed the composers bringing to life the game's atmosphere through music.

Fans will be excited to learn that once again, Petri Alanko is back working on Remedy's latest project! His stunning work can also be heard in Alan Wake (2010), Alan Wake's American Nightmare (2012), Agents of Storm (2014), and Quantum Break (2016). Away from his work at the studio, he has also created the soundtrack for RedLynx's Trials Fusion, Nightwish's film Imaginaerum, as well as his own projects under the name Lowland.

Joining Alanko is the composer, Martin Stig Andersen! While Control will be his first Remedy project, chances are that you've already heard his work across a number of other brilliant titles including Playdead's INSIDE, MachineGames' Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and Eidos MontrĂ©al's Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

According to the official press release*, "Control’s score is being carefully crafted to back an ever-changing world that juxtaposes reality with the unexplainable. Andersen and Alanko’s scores will mirror Control’s dynamic gameplay elements by evolving around the game’s moments of stirring surrealism and fierce action."

The release also featured a brief interview with Remedy's Senior Audio Sorsa who described how the two composers' work complements each other and the importance of choosing the best individuals to bring to life the FBC from a soundtrack-standpoint. "We knew Control required a very specific form of music to fit the aesthetic vision. Given the exceptional scores of their previous projects including Alan Wake, Limbo and Inside, it was clear to us that combining the talents of both Petri Alanko and Martin Stig Andersen would be perfect for creating such a weird, supernatural soundtrack for Control".

While attendees of Tero Virtala's lecture at Reboot Develop Blue got a glimpse into the composer's work, Remedy has confirmed that the section is part of a larger and longer video tackling the game's audio. The full video is due to be launched later as part of the second season of developer diaries.

Source: Reboot Develop BlueGamasutra

* UPDATE 2/11/2023 - You can read the original press release, HERE


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