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22nd March 2019
Game Informer Takes a Look at Remedy's New Mo-Cap Area
[Game Informer Coverage]

On Wednesday, Game Informer's Brian Shea (Digital Editor) and Elise Favis (Associate Editor) took an exclusive closer look at Remedy's new built-in motion capture area in a brand new video.

During their thirty minutes in the motion capture studio, with Brian borrowing Matthew Porretta's mocap suit and Elise borrowing Courtney Hope's, the duo worked on some a number of in-game stances as well as some walking and attack animations to get a feel for the process. Near the end, they even tried their hand at recreating some of the animations recorded for Control.

Between takes, they spoke to the game's Principal Gameplay Animator, Ilkka Kuusela, who directed them while they were on set.

After the session, both Brian and Elise sat down to talk about their experiences including a potential in-game scene in which Jesse is outside the FBC building in New York, with the two GI writers portraying bystanders, one of which notices something strange about the protagonist. Take a look at the full video below!

Following their Control-themed April cover reveal, Game Informer is dedicating the following month to the game with exclusives, interviews and new footage being released throughout March. The latest issue is out now and is available to download or buy (if you're in the US) as a physical magazine. For more details on the magazine visit the subscription page, HERE.


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