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21st March 2019
Congrats to @PayneToTheMax On Their 7th Anniversary!

Today I wanted to say a massive congratulations to fellow fansite, @PayneToTheMax, on their seventh anniversary!

The Twitter page started up just a month after The Sudden Stop, and it's been wonderful to celebrate the Remedy community alongside them all these years. They are seriously dedicated, passionate about the Max Payne series, and just very lovely. Whenever there's a Max Payne anniversary, they're always the first to send a group chat to bring a number of fansites together to do something special.

It's been wonderful getting to know them and following all of their adventures ranging from easter eggs to artwork, behind the scenes tidbits, and a whole lot more.

Congratulations PayneToTheMax! You rock and I'm looking forward to following your amazing work for hopefully many, many more years to come! 


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