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20th February 2019
Control Community Q&A with Courtney Hope [Official Video]

In a new video, Remedy's Associate Community Manager Vida Starčević talks to Control's Lead Courtney Hope, about her experiences portraying both Beth Wilder and Jesse Faden, and how she gets into character.

Hinted in the introduction, a second interview is due to be released soon which transforms Courtney into her role as Jesse Faden, and sees her answering questions as the new director of the Federal Bureau of Control.

Questions were asked via the game's official Discord server which went live in December of last year. The video is almost nine minutes in length and can be watched in full below or directly via the ControlRemedy YouTube channel.

Thank you to fellow fansite owner and Control community pillar, Holly Nightmare, for the video tip!

Asked Questions:

BorgGorillia: What do you like most about working in games that you don't get to do in other mediums?

TheSuddenStop: Were there any women (real or fictional) which you drew inspiration upon to help you get the feel of Jesse Faden's character and how to portray her?

Patrick / PayneReactor: What did you learn during your work on Quantum Break that helped improve your work for Control?

alexander_pr: What things do you have in common with your character? And who was the idea of ​​making the awesome gif between Sam and you?


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