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18th February 2019
New Articles on Control & Remedy In Finnish Media
[Kauppalehti, Ilta-Sanomat, Yle]

With Courtney Hope continuing her work on-site at the Remedy studios and the financial report of the studio released last week, the developers have been in the public eye quite a bit lately. Over the past week, a number of recent articles by local media outlets have spoken about the company, some with an exclusive look at the progress behind the scenes.

Below are a collection of recent articles from the Finnish media:

Kauniiden Ja Rohkeiden Sally Spectra Lompsi Saunaan Helsingissä – Suomalaisnaiset Mykistyivät: Lähestyivät Pian Kainosti Lauteilla

Following her recent work in Helsinki working on Control, Courtney Hope, spent her final day with a number of local media outlets including Ilta-Sanomat. In her interview, she talks about her experiences of Helsinki, trying out saunas, getting recognized as Sally Spectre (CBS' Bold and Beautiful) and more. As it's a local newspaper, the interview is in Finnish but due to the website design can't be automatically translated by a third-party translation program like Google Translate.

Read the full interview with Courtney, HERE.

Photo by Antti Hämäläinen / Source: Ilta-Sanomat

Control-Peli Rasitti Vielä Remedyn Tulosta – Jakaa Ensi Kertaa Osinkoa

In a new article, Kauppalehti reviews Remedy's latest financial report, focusing especially the impact of Control's development on the studio's finances. The report is in Finnish, but if you need Google Translate, it does a pretty good job of conveying the article. If you're interested in statistics, we also have a summary of the report from the English presentation.

Read the full report on Kauppalehti, HERE.

Pelit Ovat Jo Niin Realistisia, Että Ne Tarvitsevat Omat Vaatesuunnittelijansa: Näin Heli Salomaa Puki Remedyn Odotetun Control-Pelin Hahmot

Yle visited the Remedy studios recently to talk to Heli Salomaa, the company's Costume Artist, about her role on Control and how she designed the protagonist's outfit. In addition to an interview, the article also features exclusive photographs of the studio and Jesse’s outfit.

Read the full interview with Heli, HERE.


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