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6th January 2019
Half-Payne, Half-Life's Max Payne Mod Gets Final Update

Originally uploaded in 2016, suXin's Max Payne-themed Half-Life mod, Half-Payne, received its final update recently, bringing to the end a three year project with a selection of brilliant features.

The mod blended the gameplay styles of both games, allowing Gordon Freeman to enter bullet time and receive health boosts from painkillers. In the latest update, the mod introduces a new "Nightmare Sequence", allows for Twitch integration, and incorporates a new random mod feature.

One of the biggest changes provided by the update is the ability to randomise the gameplay through various modes. Some examples of these new modes includes "Drunk Look" which disorientates the protagonists's vision, "Friction" which changes the character's grip on the ground, "Weapon Push Back" where firing a weapon pushes the protagonist back, "Infinite Ammo Clip" which reduces the need for reloading, "Automatic Shotgun" which eliminates reloading time, "Weapon Impact" shot enemies are pushed back, "No Secondary Attack" disables secondary attack on all weapons, "Some Monsters Have Spawned" adds new enemies to the game,  and "Receive Weapon" in which players gain a gun.

Another mode is simply called "Payned", originally created by fury_161 and jonnyquattro, and implemented into Half-Payne with permission, which changes Half-Life character models into that of the original Max. The patch's website also contains a link to gameplay footage of the original mod and it's so bizarrely wonderful.

The "Nightmare Sequence" was developed by ZikShadow, in tribute to MP's nightmare levels after comments of how the style fits in neatly with the Apprehension ambush scene. Whereas new Twitch integration allows for your audience to vote on the next gameplay style allowing for one-hit-kills, upside down gameplay, slowdown upon receiving damage and a lot more, based on viewer's comments.

For more information on the Twitch intergration system, check out suXin's article, HERE.

If you can, definitely check out the Half-Payne mod at MOD DB, it's a wonderful project and a brilliant collaboration.

Source: PC Gamer / MOD DB


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