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2nd January 2019
Winter Sales Across Remedy Catalogue

A number of Remedy titles are currently discounted as the Winter Sales continue into the new year with sales across the studio's full game range and on multiple platforms. 

Here is a selection of some of the offers available:

Steam [PC]
[Ends 3rd Jan at 10am PT]
It wouldn't be a Steam Sale without a crazy discount across hundreds of titles, and Valve has delivered exactly that this holiday season. The 2011/12 reimagining of Death Rally is currently 90%. Max Payne 1&2 are 65% off individually or 70% off if you purchase the Classic Bundle. Alan Wake is 80%, as are the Collector's Edition Extras, and if you buy the game make sure to grab the free Bonus Materials DLC pack for more goodies! Alan Wake's American Nightmare is also 80% off. And finally Quantum Break is 75% off on Steam, currently just costing £7.49. 

To see all of the price reductions across Remedy's titles, check out the developer page, HERE.

GOG's Winter Sale is also taking place right now, with Alan Wake's American Nightmare (DRM-free) currently 80% off, at just under £2 for the solid arcade title. 

To see Alan Wake's American Nightmare on GOG, click HERE.

XBOX Store [XBOX & PC]

Both the PC and XBOX One versions of Quantum Break are discounted on the Microsoft Store. The console edition of the game, enhanced for XBOX One X, is approximately 70% off. Whereas the PC (Windows 10) version of the game is 75% off. 

To see the Quantum Break discounts on the store, click HERE.

Rockstar Warehouse [PC & Merch]

The Rockstar Warehouse is celebrating a milestone with its 20th Anniversary Sale. Items from Rockstar's entire catalog is on sale including games AND Max Payne merchandise. While some of the MP goodies have currently sold out, the Max Payne 3 graphic novel written in collaboration with Sam Lake is still available. 

To check out the Max Payne sales at the Rockstar Warehouse, click HERE.


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