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26th January 2019
Control Named As A Top Anticipated Title for 2019
[Updated 27/1]

January. Urggh, January is the worst. With the financial cost of the holiday season, various food-related challenges, and the miserable weather in the north, it's one of the most mentally challenging months.

Despite it being start to a new year, it can be a little tricky to find the motivation to continue with our 2019's resolutions or optimistic about the year ahead. But. No matter how January has begun there are still eleven amazing months of new launches and new adventures, including Remedy's upcoming adventure, Control!

Below is a collection of articles, from websites around the world, highlighting their most anticipated titles due for release this year:

These Are The Games To Look Out For In 2019
The Sydney Morning Herald

Even at the outset of the year, the list of video games set to release in 2019 is nothing short of overwhelming. After removing ports of old games to new platforms, games likely to come out in 2019 but without official confirmation, and games set for 2019 that have yet to be seen in any form other than a title, there's still easily five dozen games on the list. Below I've culled this to a much more manageable 30 titles, based on what I think will be the standouts. Some of these I've played at preview events, some come from studios that have earned the benefit of the doubt, and some just look really cool.
Read the full article, HERE.

The 15 Games We're Most Excited To Play in 2019
Full disclosure: I don't know if I understand much of what I've seen of Control so far. What I know is that it's a big, ambitious supernaturally tinged action game created by Remedy Entertainment, developers of the cult hit Alan Wake and the slightly less popular Quantum Break. I also know that it takes place in a strange, sprawling government building, the eponymous Federal Bureau of Control, that is impossible. It's a building with bizarre, infinite architecture, bending in upon itself, shifting and changing as the player explores it. From the preview materials available, I haven't really gathered why your player character, Jesse, is in this building, or why she has cool psychic powers. But impossible spaces are some of the coolest things games can offer, so sign me up.
Read Wired's full article, HERE.

The 25 Biggest and Best Upcoming Games in 2019
The Telegraph
From god-thumping to block-shifting and horse wrangling we had some stellar titles in the best games of 2018. But as we look ahead to a fresh year and fresh release slate, 2019 is looking even better. Here are our 25 picks for the biggest and best upcoming games for the year ahead.
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56 Games To Keep An Eye On In 2019
Press Start
The ball has dropped as we’re all set to leave 2018 in the rearview and look toward what should be another stellar year for video games. While we’ll still celebrate God of War and the rest of the year’s best, including a wonderful cast of indie titles like Celeste that only elevated the meaning of games, we’re excited to look forward. Though not all of these games are definitely seeing a launch this year, it’d be foolish to think we’re not going to hear about them in one way or another. Prepare for your wallet to be in a sorry state by the time we welcome 2020.
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Must-Play Video Games For 2019 | Our Guide To Upcoming Gaming Releases
Fortress of Solitude
The next game from Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment, Control, sees players put in the shoes of a character named Jesse. She finds herself having to explore a strange government building that hides a myriad of secrets. Armed with her shape-shifting firearm and psychic powers, Jesse is forced to travel and explore this ever-changing environment as she seeks answers to some of the mysteries that the building holds. A supernatural third-person shooter, Control has us intrigued by its premise.
Check out the full list of Fortress of Solitude's most anticipated games for 2019, HERE.

Control Has Me Intrigued to See What’s Next from Remedy in 2019
Control is the next game from Remedy Entertainment, and honestly that’s all I needed to hear to be sold on it. I didn’t find Remedy until their 2010 game Alan Wake, but both it and Remedy’s approach to games was so appealing to me that I knew that I would always be interested in anything they did.
Read Stephen's full article on DualShocker, HERE.

Ral's Most Anticipated Games of 2019
So 2019 is now upon us and it is time to take a look forward at a few of the games I am most interested in for the new year. Some of these have hard 2019 release dates and some are just planned for 2019. One of them isn't even officially announced for PC.
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Wccftech’s Most Anticipated Action Games of 2019 – A Knockout Year
Control, the new game from Alan Wake and Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment, promises to be one of the most exciting and polished trips of 2019. Players are tasked with making their way through a trippy brutalist skyscraper occupied by the secretive Federal Bureau of Control. Not an easy task, but, thankfully, you have powerful telekinetic abilities you can use to ruin the Bureau’s day. Given Remedy’s track record, you need to be keeping a very close eye on this one.
Check out the full article, HERE.

Updated [27/1]

Our 32 Most Anticipated Games of 2019
A Most Agreeable Past Time
Lucius P. Merriweather: Remedy Entertainment – the folks behind Alan Wake – have come up with another intriguing supernatural thriller in the form of Control. The premise is a little bit Men in Black – a secret government agency called the Federal Bureau of Control is there to protect society from supernatural forces, as well as manipulate them for their own ends. But something has invaded the bureau’s headquarters (The Oldest House, a building that’s far bigger on the inside), and as new bureau director Jesse Faden, you have to delve into its mysteries. There’s a strong Metroidvania vibe, and I love the esoteric weirdness of the parts we’ve seen so far – like a man who can’t take his eyes off a fridge because he’s convinced something awful will happen if he does.
Read the full article at A Most Agreeable Past Time, HERE.


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