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25th January 2019
Winter Deals Hits Max Payne on PC and PS4

Here in the northern hemisphere, even though the days are getting longer, it's still unreasonably chilly, and the perfect excuse to stay in and play games. This week the Max Payne series has been featured in, not one, but two sales across The Humble Store and The Playstation Store.

The Humble Store is continuing their sale over the weekend with an extension of their Winter Sale, adding an additional treat for fans who visit their site; the complete Deponia series by Daedelic Games, worth over £25. As part of the sale, both Max Payne 1&2 are available at 65% off!

You can view the sale on The Humble Store, HERE

The Playstation Store is also running a discount on the first Max Payne title, which is available to play on PS4 consoles. While the discount is not as significant as on The Humble Store, it's still 38% off for a solid game.

You can view Max Payne (for PS4) on The Playstation Store, HERE.


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