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9th December 2018
Community Creations: Rudy's Festive Artwork
[Advent Calendar 2018]

In the lead up to Christmas, I wanted to spotlight some amazing artists in the community who have created some gorgeous and festive Remedy artwork over the years. For this feature, I wanted to focus on the amazing talent of US-based artist, Rudy. 

Last year I contacted Rudy, also known as Trenchiikoat, to ask if I could commission him to design a Christmas card featuring Alan Wake with a Christmassy twist. I had been friends with Rudy for a while now; he's an wonderful artist and been active in the Alan Wake community for years. His work has been in a few past articles and wrap-ups, and something that I always love seeing. The fact that he has an adorable tuxedo cat is also a bonus.

For the commission, he really knocked it out of the park, creating a stylish Alan Wake lineart that I absolutely adore. That Santa hat is pretty adorable! I spent a lot of November and December seeing this image, and I never got bored of seeing his work. Even now, I'm still in awe of how great of a job he did.

Rudy opens commissions up from time to time, and you can check his availability through his Twitter channel, where you can also follow his adventures. He is very friendly and an absolute pleasure to work with.


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