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8th December 2018
Remedy-Themed Christmas Gift Guide 2018
[Advent Calendar 2018]

It wouldn't really be a proper Christmas advent calendar without a gift guide. Depending on how early you start, gift buying can be an exciting or daunting aspect of the festive season. Personally I love being able to give back to people that means the most to me but I would be lying if I said that the financial burden of the month isn't felt pretty heavily. I love this time of year, my bank account does not.

With the Alan Wake and Quantum Break store currently down, and still a while to go before fans get the first glimpse of purchasable Control merchandise, we've handpicked a number of official and community-created gifts perfect for yourself or someone special in your life this Christmas! As money can be tight this time of year, we've tried to pick items which are approachable in price.

Some of these items are more expensive than others but all items cost between £2.24 and £26.70 (excluding postage), but any of the items would make for a wonderful present.

Christmas Gift Guide 2018:

Alan Wake PC Special Edition
If you have a PC gamer in your life who has yet to play Alan Wake, the Special Edition and Collector's Edition of the game is still being sold, and at an affordable price. You can buy either edition from local stores or through Amazon where they're under £10! The Special Edition comes packed with stickers, an A3 poster, postcards, OST by Petri Alanko, and both DLC packs. If you get the Collector's Edition pack, it comes with all of that plus the Alan Wake Files.

Alan Wake Novelisation
To coincide with the launch of the game, Tor Books published the novelisation of Alan Wake, written by Rick Burroughs. While it's a faithful adaption to the game, Burroughs also includes some additional scenes exclusive for the novel. The book is 318 pages long and is available in paperback or in a Kindle edition. (The latter can be directly gifted through Amazon US.)

Quantum Break: Zero State Novel
Similar to the Alan Wake novelisation, Quantum Break Zero State was published by Tor Books and matched the release date for the game. Unlike its predecessor, it was not a direct adaption with writer, Cam Rogers, exploring alternative junction moments and telling a different story for a different Jack. The book is available through hardback, paperback, and Kindle ebook. This is a perfect gift for gamers who are Quantum Break fans or for gamers who haven't or can't play the game.

The Secret History of Time Travel
A great gift for Quantum Break fans, The Secret History of Time Travel delves deeper into the development process of the game including never-before-scene concept artwork, wire frame images, ideas from the cutting room floor and a lot more!

Champion of Light T-Shirt
[By InvisibleRain]
Created by artist and author, InvisibleRain, her Alan Wake-inspired t-shirt is a wonderful tribute to the game. Excellent for any fan of the series or as a Christmas gift for yourself! The piece is also available as other products including a rather dapper greetings card.

Alan Wake - The Clicker T-Shirt
[By Bratwurst]
Another great t-shirt is by Bratwurst and features original artwork of a Darkness-possessed hand clasping at The Clicker with the words "whose story is it anyway?" It's eerily and beautifully designed with t-shirt customisation available. I've always adored this design!

The Clicker Sticker
[By Tawkua]
If you have a friend who likes their stickers, you might want to check out Tawkua's Clicker sticker. With attractive bold colours, the sticker resembles the magic Clicker which Wake uses to defeat the Dark Presence.

Quantum Break Spiral Notebook
[By CMDonovann]
If you have someone who loves stationery (and who doesn't?!), why not look at getting them this gorgeous Quantum Break spiral-bound notebook designed by artist, CMDonovann. The book contains 120 pages with 90gsm paper stock with a 350gsm cover.

Jack Joyce T-Shirt
[by CMDonovann]
While the Quantum Break store may have closed down, the community has got your back for inspired-t-shirts. This t-shirt is also by artist, CMDonovann whose lovely artwork of (Prototype) Jack Joyce makes for a perfect gift.


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