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23rd November 2018
Black Friday Deal Wrap-Up 2018

With so many Black Friday deals, it can be a little overwhelming to find what's for sale and where you should go for the best price. To help, we've put together a quick list of deals of Remedy products including  PC and XBOX games, as well as books. We've also added some discounted POTF merchandise for Old Gods of Asgard fans.

We'll update the page with more details as they're discovered but in the meantime, check out the deals below:

Steam's Autumn Sale
The Steam Autumn Sale is on, with discounts on a wide range of titles including the Max Payne series at 65% off individually, or 70% off for both original titles. Quantum Break is also on sale at 75% off!

Humble Store's Fall Sale
As part of Humble's Fall Sale, Max Payne 1 & 2 are currently 65% off each. A portion of the sales will be donated to a charity of your choice. The games are redeemable on Steam with a code available after purchase.

XBOX's Black Friday Sale
In the XBOX sale, Quantum Break [XBOX One] is available at 67% off for normal membership, or 75% for Gold membership. On PC, the game is available at 75% off. If you've yet to try out Gold, it's currently available for just £1 for the first month! And if you haven't tried XBOX Game Pass, that's also available at £1 for a month or 40% off the usual annual price for twelve.

Forbidden Planet
If you've yet to read Quantum Break: Zero State by writer, Cam Rogers, UK-store Forbidden Planet is selling the paperback edition for just 99p!

Backstage Rock Shop
If you're a Poets of the Fall [aka Old Gods of Asgard] fan, a number of products on their official store have received hefty discounts from t-shirts to badges, and even tote bags. Check out the full range of discounted items on their site.

Quantum Break Vinyl
The Quantum Break LP, sold exclusively by iam8bit is currently $12! Limited to 3,000 pieces, and designed by artist Christina Mrozik, the LP is perfect as a gift or as part of your collection!


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The Control Series

The Quantum Break Series

The Alan Wake Series

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