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21st November 2018
Former Remedy Devs Founds Redhill Games

Matias Myllyrinne, former CEO at Remedy Entertainment, announced his brand new company, Redhill Games, this week!

After leaving Remedy in July 2015, Matias moved to Cyprus as Developer Executive at Wargaming where has since worked for the past three years. The recent announcement sees him move back to Helsinki, along with Redhill Games' Miloš Jeřábek (former Production Developer at Remedy) whose most recent work Development Director at Wargaming, and also joins Mikko Uromo (former Technical Director at Remedy) who was previously Technical Director at Wargaming.

Redhill Games consists of a talented team of thirteen (at time of writing) from across Europe. While they're keeping their future plans a secret for now, Matias recently spoke to VentureBeat about his new team and studio. Read his interview, HERE.


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