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12th November 2018
Thomas Puha Due To Attend MIGS 2018

Remedy's Communications Director, Thomas Puha, is heading to Montreal International Game Summit 2018 this week to take part in a panel discussing Remedy's upcoming game, Control

Thomas will be giving a lecture entitled, "Having More Control: Remedy's Next Game" which will be held on Monday 12th December 2018 between 14:30 - 15:30 in Room 510D.

Lecture Description:
"In the previous years MIGS conferences, Remedy Entertainment has talked about how it has transformed from a single project studio to a multi-project, multiplatform organization and gone through an IPO to partly fund its new strategy. In 2018, we can finally talk about the first game borne under the new strategy, the multiplatform project Control. The presentation will go through the inception of Control from a creative and business standpoint, discuss how the unveiling of the game and what has gone right and wrong so far."

Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) is held in Palais Des Congrès De MontrĂ©al. It's an annual game event for industry professionals looking to share and learn more from local and international game companies. Over 2700 attendees (330 international from 27 countries), 735 companies, and 140 exhibitors are due to descend to the two-day event. 


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