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26th October 2018
Remedy Continues Smilegate Partnership with New Project

A few hours ago, Remedy Entertainment Plc and Smilegate Entertainment Inc announced the continuation of their partnership as work draws to an end on the development of CROSSFIRE 2 / CROSSFIRE HD's story-mode.

In a new press release, Remedy announced that work has begun on a new CROSSFIRE project, which is due to be completed in two years.

At present, little is known about when CROSSFIRE 2, the studios' first collaboration, is due to be launched, as Smilegate has full control over marketing schedules and have been keeping their cards close to their chests. But while the publisher has been fairly quiet, Remedy's financial reports for the past year has given a glimpse into the work that the developers have been doing. In Remedy's recent bi-financial report posted late August, their work on CROSSFIRE 2 was "proceeding to schedule" with work focusing on polishing the story-mode. While in an earlier report from February 18th, the studio stated that "primality preparations" were underway on a third unannounced project, now shaping up to be the latest CROSSFIRE collaboration.

In the press release, Remedy's CEO, Tero Virtala commented on the continuing partnership stating, “it’s been exciting to get to know the vast world of CROSSFIRE and use our storytelling skills to create new CROSSFIRE single-player experiences. The quality of the story mode we’ve developed, the excellent working relationship with Smilegate, and the high motivation of our CROSSFIRE development team make us really happy to continue our strong partnership.”

You can read the full press release on the Remedy site, HERE.


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