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25th October 2018
Alan Wake Is Back On Sale!
Available on PC with XBOX Edition Coming Soon

If you joined the Remedy community in recent years, you probably heard of the game "Alan Wake" but couldn't find it anywhere digitally. From today that's all going to change as the cult-classic psychological horror title returns to digital market places!

For PC gamers, the title can be bought on Steam, GOG, and The Humble Store, and to celebrate its re-return Alan Wake is available at 80% off its normal price, costing just over £2 for the full game, or a little more if you want to get the Collector's Edition. Alan Wake's American Nightmare is also part of the sale, costing just over £1.

Alan Wake will also be returning to XBOX store over the next few days.

Despite ongoing interest in the title, Alan Wake was originally pulled from stores on the game's seventh anniversary (15th May 2017), due to expiring music licensing. Microsoft has since renegotiated the contracts allowing the game to be sold. All the music from the original version of the title will remain the same.... sorry Tor, that also means Harry Nilsson's Coconut.

- Buy Alan Wake on Steam [80% Off]
- Buy Alan Wake on The Humble Store [80% Off]
- Buy Alan Wake on GOG [80% Off]


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