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12th July 2018
Amelia Rose Blaire & Bryan Dechart Marries! [UPDATED]

Earlier this month Quantum Break actor, Amelia Rose Blaire, and Detroit: Become Human actor, Bryan Dechart got married! Yay!

While we usually like to steer clear of the personal life of our favourite actors and developers, the couple has been public with their engagement, having announced the proposal acceptance on Twitter last June, and documented the lead up to the wedding with daily photos from their photoshoot commemorating the occasion. We couldn't help but celebrate the milestone with their followers!

While we know Amelia from her brilliant portrayal of Amy Ferrero in Quantum Break, the couple actually both played characters in the recent game by Quantic Dream, Detroit Become Human. You can catch them regularly on Twitch playing the game and hanging out with fans. Also they have a cat! I like cats.

Congratulations on the amazing milestone!


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