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11th July 2018
Poets of the Fall Reveals Cover & Pre-Order for Ultraviolet

Poets of the Fall, the real-life band behind the Old Gods of Asgard, recently revealed their cover and pre-order information for their upcoming album, Ultraviolet, due to launch on the 5th of October 2018!

Teasers for Ultraviolet began in late January with the release of their first single from the album, False Kings. In March, the band revealed the name, the release date, and follow-up tour dates in UK and Germany (with more to be announced soon).

And here is Ultraviolet's cover...

Pre-orders have begun on the band's official store, run by Backstage Rock Shop (previously known as Mad Supply). You can buy the CD or 12" LP  separately. Or there's the Ultraviolet Pre-Order bundles which contains a hoodie or t-shirt (your choice), a CD, and a signed postcard. For more information, visit the store, HERE.

Backstage Shop is also running a giveaway where if you purchase any Ultraviolet album (either format) or bundle and you will be automatically entered into a contest to win two tickets to any Poets of the Fall gig in Autumn 2018. Two 30€ gift cards will also be raffled among all pre-orders too.

A bit of information about the band's history: Poets of the Fall has had a long history with Remedy, which officially started back in 2003 with Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. For the game, POTF created their first song, Late Goodbye based on a poem by Sam Lake. Later, the band returned for Alan Wake, creating the custom songs The Poet and the Muse and Children of the Elder God. Their song War, from their album, Twilight Theater, also made an appearance in the game. Their latest project with the developers has been with Alan Wake's American NightmareBalance Slays the Demon was created specifically for the title, and The Happy Song (which also appeared in the album Temple of Thought) also appeared in the game. The song Labyrinth from their Clearview album was inspired by Quantum Break.


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