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6th June 2018
TrueAchievements Focuses on Quantum Break for June's TA Playlist

A little while ago, TrueAchievements announced that Quantum Break will be their next TA Playlist spotlighted game for June.

Competition was tough in the poll, with Remedy's title facing up against beloved titles including Prey (2017), The Surge, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. In the end Quantum Break won with 33.8% and 102 votes higher than Prey (2017) who came in second place.

Click HERE to view all the results.
Click HERE to go to Quantum Break's TA Playlist hub page.

Each TA Playlist selected title gets their own hub page with a discussion board, clip catalog, and list of the most earned achievements. The game also gets its own dedicated podcast at the end of the four weeks. It is the second time that a Remedy game has been available to vote for, and the second time it has won in the polls, with Alan Wake being voted in with a landslide for the first TA Playlist.


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