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6th May 2018
Rumour: Remedy Working on Quantum Break 2?

It's been quite the week for rumours, and over the weekend a new one has caught the attention of gaming websites and even newspapers* here in the UK. For this rumour attention has been turning to Remedy's third title, and the possibility of a Quantum Break sequel.

Remedy's third title was announced in the recent financial report which revealed that it was underway but that it was still in the conceptual stage. The third title has been less focused on in the studio's marketing with "P7" and CROSSIRE 2 being much further ahead in development and currently a greater priority.

Despite the limited information being released about this third title, rumours have already begun with a Twitter account, H.R. Nikoofar, stating “I know by fact that @remedygames is working on Quantum Break 2. #quantumbreak" and later clarifying that the project that he was referring to was not "P7" which Remedy has previously confirmed is a new IP.

It might be Quantum Break 2 but the possibility, at least for me, that it could be the sequel purely stems from Remedy not announcing what the project is just yet, rather than the recent tweet. It could be Alan Wake 2 or Quantum Break 2 or a new IP or an adoption of another IP, we just don't know yet. And while it has caught the attention of gaming news outlets and newspapers, my doubts on the tweet's authenticity and concerns about repercussions rests on the guy's biography section on Twitter.

As a game developer he would know how seriously companies take NDAs and secrecy, and that everything is so meticulously planned. There's a few issues which could arise with announcing something like this; A) announcing something early that you've been told in private by a friend is going to have repercussions especially for that friend, that B) working on something and announcing it early is going to impact how companies view you or C) even if it was made up or predicted (but announced with that level of certainty) that's going to impact your communication with fellow developers.

It's a tricky subject to talk about, especially as we know so little about the project. As a fan of Quantum Break, naturally I would love for this rumour to be true, but regardless of what it will become, Remedy creates things like Max Payne and Alan Wake and Quantum Break, and I like those things. And I'm sure that when the third project is announced and later released, that the community will like it too.

*Reported just a few hours ago by the Daily Express


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