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26th May 2018
Remedy Moves Offices [2018 Edition]

Teased in the financial report earlier in the year, Finnish development studio, Remedy Entertainment Oyj moved from city the Espoo, their home for the past twenty three years to... well, down the road in the city of Espoo which has been their home for the past twenty three years.

Okay admittedly while the new building was a short distance away now located at Luomanportti 3, a few minutes walk from Kappelitie 8, the move was anything but. The studio currently has around 170 employees working on three projects (CROSSFIRE 2, "P7" and the conceptual "P8") so there was a lot to pack up and transport. The new building also needed renovations customised to the company's needs, with work taking place right up until the moving day.

In a new video posted onto Remedy's YouTube channel, Thomas Puha (head of communications) takes viewers on an unrehearsed tour of the new building on the Friday before the main move:

And with the move complete, photos were posted on Twitter by devs arriving on Monday morning:


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