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24th May 2018
Tiny Dog In Mo-Cap Suit Wins Hearts #TeamUuno
[Updated with Gamasutra Article]

Update: 2/6: Remedy's new Associate Community Manager, Vida Starcevic recently wrote an article for Gamasutra detailing Uuno's adventures and the motion capture experiment. 

As part of an experimentation of the motion-capture tech, Remedy's Junior Cinematographer, Sami Kastarinen, brought his Staffordshire Bull Terrier into the office and put him in his own custom mo-cap suit.

The dog is called Uuno, and soon after photographs of the little guy was posted online, he started to get a lot of publicity. Videos and articles were posted about him on channels such as IGN, RiotFest, Reddit, Game Informer, Machinima, GAMINGbible, and more.

It wasn't long before there was Remedy fan art featuring Uuno from Toey:

At present, the dog mo-cap testing is still an experiment rather than a teaser for what to expect in CROSSFIRE 2 or "P7" but it does show that it's an area they're interested in exploring it.


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