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12th February 2018
GOG's Horror Deal & Chinese New Year Sale

PC Gamers! GOG is currently running two sales at the moment with hundreds of amazing titles available at a reduced price.

The first is a horror sale which includes a selection of titles such as the Amnesia series, SOMA, Knock-Knock, Deadly Premonitions: Director's Cut, and importantly for Remedy fans, Alan Wake's American Nightmare. There isn't a specific special occasion for a fear-driven sale, but I like to think it's something to do with Valentine's Day and preparing people for the horror of societal expectations and bad puns.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare is currently available at 80% off. Click HERE for the sale.

In addition to the horror deal, GOG is welcoming the year of the dog in their Chinese New Year Sale. This sale has a wonderful selection of classic titles, and offers further discounts in regular flash sales. If you're looking for new titles to play, check it out!


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