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6th October 2017
Poets of the Fall's New Music Video, Moonlight Kissed

Poets of the Fall, who also recorded music as the Old Gods of Asgard for Alan Wake, recently released their brand new music video, Moonlight Kissed!

Rumours of the music video was sparked a few weeks ago when the band teased the upcoming release with a photo of an old piano with the word "witchcraft" engraved on the lid. Moonlight Kissed marks the third and final music video from the Clearview album. It's quite different from the band's previous music videos but has familiar strands to the Cradled in Love and Children of the Sun videos with the manor setting and use of light and shadow.

Check it out below!

A bit of information about the band: Poets of the Fall has had a long history with Remedy, which officially started back in 2003 with Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. For the game, POTF created their first song, Late Goodbye based on a poem by Sam Lake. Later, the band returned for Alan Wake, creating the custom songs The Poet and the Muse and Children of the Elder God. Their song War, from their album, Twilight Theater, also made an appearance in the game. Their latest project with the developers has been with Alan Wake's American NightmareBalance Slays the Demon was created specifically for the title, and The Happy Song (which also appeared in the album Temple of Thought) also appeared in the game. They also created the song Labyrinth which appeared on their album, Clearview, originally forQuantum Break but while both parties were eager to get the song in the game, there were sadly unpredicted setbacks. 


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