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11th October 2017
Camilla Taipalvesi's "Work-Life Balance" LinkedIn Article

Camilla Taipalvesi, Remedy's HR Specialist, has been writing articles on LinkedIn to give possible recruits a taste of what life is like at the studio and in Finland. A few days ago, she published her latest one on Remedy's work-life balance and living in Helsinki.

It's an interesting read, especially for developers looking to make Finland their new home, or even if you're just curious about the workings within the studio. You can check Camilla's piece, HERE!

Current job openings: Animation Programmer, Associate Community Manager, Environment Artist, Gameplay Programmer, Lead AI Programmer, Lead Game Designer, Lead Multiplayer Programmer, Lighting Artist, Pipeline Programmer, Senior AI Programmer, Senior Environment Artist, Senior Gameplay Programmer, Senior Graphics Programmer, Senior Level Designer, Senior Programmer, Technical Producer, Tools Programmer.

For more information on positions and the benefits of working at the studio, click HERE.


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