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26th October 2017
Halloween Deals on Alan Wake's American Nightmare

With Halloween fast on its way, the game sales have begun. For the first time in seven years, the original Alan Wake title won't be a part of those due to the music licensing contract expiring earlier this year, but the part-sequel-part-spinoff title, American Nightmare is getting quite a bit of attention.

Both the Steam Halloween Sale and GOG's Halloween Sale features Alan Wake's American Nightmare at 80% off. 

Steam's price is currently £1.39, with GOG's version at the slightly higher price of £1.59. The slightly higher edition does come with additional digital goodies including HD wallpapers, nine Night Springs episodes, three developer diaries and six avatars which is absent from it's cheaper version from Steam.

Steam's Halloween Sale closes on 1st November with GOG closing their sale on the 2nd. 


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