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17th October 2017
Sam Lake & Minttu Wikberg's "Milla Marble and the Missing Grandma"

A few hours ago, Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) announced that his latest personal project with which he has co-created with artist, Minttu Wikberg. Together they have written and illustrated a children's book called "Milla Marble and the Missing Grandma". The layout of the book by graphic designer, Viola Minerva Virtamo.

The book is due to be released in November and will be published by Cozy Publishing. As it's only just been announced, further details about the book hasn't been released yet regarding pricing or availability, but will likely be announced closer to the release date.

While we don't know much about the story, apart from the title, we're already familiar with Sam's work so already we know the quality of the writing. (Although as it's a children's book, Sam would have to restrain himself and there might only be one or two deaths. I'm betting already that Milla Marble knows exactly why grandma is missing though and is only pretending not to know for alibi-sakes. I'm onto you Miss Marble...)

The tease of Minttu's artwork on the cover is also a gorgeous style which celebrates the beauty of nature and wonder. There's a charming quality about it and a feel to it that is quite Finnish. Which is a definitely a good thing! Part of it is due to the focus on nature, but there's strands of Marimekko's use of colour and Tove Jansson's illustrations amid Minttu's own style.


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