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26th September 2017
Remedy Contributes to One Special Day

One Special Day is an annual event arranged by the UK charity, SpecialEffect, which unites the gaming industry with the goal to raise $100,000 to bring gaming to more gamers who cannot or find difficulty in using peripherals.

One Special Day will take place on 29th September 2017 with a range of activities throughout the day such as sales and auctions.

In addition to campaigns to raise awareness and donations, companies have given money in advance of the date. Remedy was named as a contributor in addition to their P7 publisher, 505Games. Remedy is also joined by fellow Finnish developers, Supercell, Everywear Games, Rovio, Playraven and Seriously.

SpecialEffect is a really impressive UK-based charity which tackles the often unspoken topic of disability in the gaming industry. For a lot of gamers, picking up a controller, using a keyboard or turning on the console is such a familiar act and one that we don't even think about doing it. For some, that task may be challenging or almost impossible, which is where SpecialEffect comes in. The charity helps support gamers by developing ways in which they can engage with a game, such as a new specialised controller, eye tracking sensors, and motion controls. The charity doesn't charge for help or equipment and relies solely on donations given. For more information, check out their site, HERE.


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