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20th September 2017
"Max Payne... 16 Years Later" Retrospective by Raycevick

This past week, Max Payne turned sixteen and to celebrate YouTube channel, Raycevick, posted a retrospective video looking back at the original title.

The documentary is twenty five minutes long and takes an extremely thorough look at the game, how it came to be, its impact on gaming and how the game has aged. Although clearly a fan of the game, Raycevick also gives a brutally honest view of the title, analysing the ways in which technology has improved over time and details which would be changed today such as animation or layout decisions. While it's critical, it's by no means a negative video, in fact the positivity and genuine interest in the game is clear.

It's a really cool watch; perfect for newcomers to the community as well as long-time fans. It's obvious that a lot of research was done for the video. Take a look below!


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