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3rd June 2017
Developer Interviews Continue with Stuart MacDonald

Back in February, Remedy's Head of Communication, Thomas Puha, started a new series on the official website in which he spoke to fellow developers about their work. Over the past few weeks, he's talked to a handful of people at the studio, all with very different roles.

It was on a temporary hiatus with the Nadsaq and P7 news, but a couple of days ago, he spoke to Stuart MacDonald, the Lead Production Designer at Remedy, who is currently working on "P7".

They talk about the process of Stuart moving abroad from Scotland to Finland, the tools he uses for his work, and his role at the studio. It's an interesting read, so make sure to check it out HERE.

In case you missed previous interviews: Kickstarting the series was an interview with Remedy's Game Director Mikael Kasurinen, who spoke about "P7" and the future of Remedy titles. Then we had Elmeri Raitanen, Lead Visual Effects Artist at Remedy, who talked about creating broken time and getting into the industry. There was Heli Salomaa, the Costume Designer at Remedy, on creating a character's look. And Ethan Watson (Senior Engine Programmer) on working abroad and standup comedy. 


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