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13th June 2017
GOG Summer Sale
[Free Copy of American Nightmare with $10 Purchase]

GOG's Summer Sale is now in full swing with discounts across a wide variety of games ranging from the newly released to beloved classics.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare is part of the sale and sees a 80% price reduction, bringing the title to around $2 for the 2012 title!

You can buy the game on its own or, if you're purchasing more than $10 in games on the website, it will be added to your library for free. Members who have already exceeded the $10 mark since the start of the Summer Sale will be receiving their DRM-free copy very soon.

The GOG version of the game comes with a few extras including wallpapers, nine Night Springs Episodes, three developer diaries, and six avatars.

Click HERE to view the GOG Summer Sale.
Click HERE to go to the Alan Wake's American Nightmare store page.


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