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28th June 2017
Steam Summer Sale 2017 [ENDED]

It's that time of year again! The Steam Summer Sale has began, with discount across a wide range of titles including Remedy's. Take a vacation from the outside world, get a cool drink, put a fan on, draw your black out blinds and delve into your Steam library. I shot robots today! Take that robots.

The sale ends 5th July, so there's still over a week to sought out what you want to get.

Here's a list of all Remedy related discounts on Steam:

[75% off] Death Rally (Classic)
[80% off] Death Rally 2011/12
[65% off] Max Payne
[65% off] Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
[70% off] Max Payne Classic Bundle
[80% off] Alan Wake’s American Nightmare 
[50% off] Quantum Break
[50% off] Quantum Break Soundtrack


The Crossfire Series

The Control Series

The Quantum Break Series

The Alan Wake Series

The Max Payne Series




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