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27th June 2017
Max Payne Retribution Fan Film Is Out Now!

This week, the talented team at Nocturnal Pictures released their latest project, Max Payne Retribution after three years of development!

The fanfilm is a loyal take on the original Max Payne games by Remedy, expanding and reworking on some of the most memorable scenes but in a fresh new story! The acting is incredible and Mona (played by Gracie Tyrell) is not only perfect but a much closer mirror to the character compared to the 2008 film's portrayal. can be slightly unfair comparing a locally based fanfilm to that of a $35 million Hollywood movie, but while watching, admittedly your mind automatically goes there. You look at Max and Mona, at the brilliant use of the sets and lighting, the style of the film and the easter eggs, and each element actually works a lot better than it did on the big screen. The team really did an impressive job on the fan film, especially sustaining that level of quality across 45 minutes.

The film is maybe even darker than the original stories, with a warning over certain sections appearing in the opening clip, with murder, blood, and torture featuring fairly regularly throughout. Those scenes may not be for everyone, but if you're squeemish (like me), even just the quieter scenes which are definitely worth checking out! Just be warned that there are some flashbacks/scares which can be pretty gruesome.

The team did a fantastic job at bringing the story to life! If you haven't yet, make sure to check it out on their YouTube channel, HERE.


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