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7th May 2017
New Interviews with Polygon and

This past week, following the Tribeca Games Festival talk with Sam Lake, the press release on the 505 Games partnership and the announcement that Remedy will be joining Nasdaq, media outlets have been publishing new interviews and articles focusing on the  developer's new direction and future plans.

The first interview was with Polygon, who interviewed Remedy's Creative Director, Sam Lake, following his talk at the Tribeca Games Festival. The interview was filmed and uploaded onto YouTube and lasts just over twenty five minutes, the perfect time for a tea break. You can check out the video below or on the Polygon website, HERE!

The second interview is with Remedy's CEO, Tero Virtala and it's more business-based. Tero talks to about the "new phase" of the company and the importance of owning your own IP and why the company is moving to release future titles across multiple platforms. You can read the full interview, HERE.


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