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3rd May 2017
Remedy Announces Partnership with 505 Games

Today Remedy announced that their upcoming game, currently codenamed "P7", will be published by 505 Games! The title will be released worldwide for the Playstation 4, XBOX One and PC with digital and retail editions.

The statement came in the form of a press release which was launched earlier this morning on both the Remedy and 505 Games websites. The new publisher is a subsidiary of Digital Bros, who owns  twenty years exclusivity rights on Remedy's upcoming title with their investment of €7.75 million, in addition to marketing and publishing services. The contract also includes a payment of 45% royalties on net sales (sales generated by a company after the deduction of return).

The press release also features interview with Raffaele Galante (CEO of Digital Bros) who said, “it is a sign of how far 505 Games has come that we are now in a position to partner with such a talented development studio as Remedy Entertainment. Our mutual life-stages, ambitions and business objectives are actually very well-aligned and we are excited to enter into what feels like a very natural partnership. The agreement fits perfectly with our strategy of continuous improvement of the quality and the potential returns of our portfolio.”

In the same statement, Tero Virtala (CEO at Remedy) commented “we have a strong vision of what P7 should be. 505 Games brings into this partnership experience and competences that help us successfully make this vision become reality together. Remedy is also investing in P7 and is deeply committed to creating an unique gaming experience that will keep the players engaged and playing for a long time to come. We are really excited to embark on this journey with 505 Games.”

Read the full press release on the Remedy website, HERE.


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