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24th May 2017
Remedy at Digital Dragons 2017 [Wrap Up]

Digital Dragons wrapped up yesterday evening after a successful two day event with three Remedy keynotes and a meet and greet. For those who couldn't make the event in person, here's a collection of tweets and photographs from the past few days but attendees and speakers.

The event was held in Krakow, Poland and is described as the "biggest game industry conference in Central Europe". The show attracks over 1300 visitors, 438 companies and a combined total of 3200 minutes from lectures by 83 speakers.

At present recordings of the lectures aren't available online, but as keynotes were uploaded for the event organiser's YouTube channel last year, we may see the recordings appear online in the following months. I'll keep you updated!

The Remedy timetable: 

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Remedy also had a booth at the event to provide information about recruitment opportunities: 

Petri Alanko's Lecture:

Tatu Aalto's Lecture:


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