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22nd May 2017
Auctions Raise £1405.60 for Cancer Research UK!
[Monarch Gala and Spring Charity Auction]

Earlier this month, we concluded our Spring Charity Auction for Cancer Research UK! Before I go any further, I just want to say thank you to everyone who bid, shared the news or help be a part of the project. The amount of response was overwhelming and so positive! I honestly can't thank you enough!

The Totals. We had two auctions, or rather one auction with two parts. The first part was back in October, with the second concluding earlier this month. The Spring Charity Auction had items which were arranged back in October but in the end needed some time sort out the final details.

In the first part of the auction (October 2016), the total raised was £138.60. In the second part (April/May 2017), the amount brought in was an incredible £1267, bringing the total amount being sent to Cancer Research UK to £1405.60!

Where Does The Money Go To? Cancer Research UK helps support scientists, doctors and nurses in their research and treatment of over 200 different types of Cancer. The money the charity raises also goes into public awareness about the disease, providing details of possible symptoms and places for support. In the past forty years, Cancer survival has doubled; women with breast cancer now have a 78% chance of surviving at least a decade compared to 40% forty years ago. Similarly testicular cancer has jumped from 69% to 98% since the 1970s for patients surviving more than ten years. And malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer has seen a jump from 46% to 89%. The current focus within the charity is to increase the success rate of defeating cancer, in addition to increasing research for pancreatic and lung cancers. 

For more information, check our the Cancer Research UK website, HERE

What's Next? All the items have been paid for and all the game have successfully arrived at their destination in Russia, Hungary and the US and to lovely owners! The console have also found a new home in Finland! Yesterday morning, Paypal collected three of the four payments with the final one being automatically released from pending and collected within the next few days. 

Special Thank You. Again thank you to Jani Savolainen for the donation of the Max Payne 2 game and Remedy for the Quantum Break XBOX One console! Thank you also to Lauri (Senior Media Producer at Remedy), Mikki (Narrative Lead at Remedy) and Captain (Poets of the Fall) for helping me to arrange this. And to Sam, Remedy and Poets for the signatures. 

Proof of Transaction:
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