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19th April 2017
Upcoming Remedy Keynotes
[ECGC, Tribeca, Digital Dragons, Reboot Develop]

There's a long list of interesting Remedy keynotes taking place over the next few weeks. There's a lot to talk about so let's get to it! 

ECGC [19th April]

ECGC is a convention for video game professionals taking place at Raleigh Convention Center. Later today, Remedy's Narrative Lead, Mikko Rautalahti, will be taking the stage for a keynote on gaming writing. If you're able to attend, the lecture will be taking place Wednesday 19th April 2017 between 16:30 - 17:30pm in Room 302C.

Keynote Description:
The Writer Explained. The game writer is in a key position in any game production that has a focus on story, but it’s not necessarily always clear what that actually entails. How does a writer integrate with the rest of the team, and why does it matter that they do? How do you deal with shifting production realities, and what are realistic expectations for the actual day-to-day experience at work? A discussion on the actual work a game writer has to do in order to make a game reality.
For more information, visit the ECGC website, HERE.

Reboot Develop [20th April]

Thomas Puha (Head of Communications at Remedy) and Ethan Watson (Senior Engine Programmer) will be attending Reboot Develop on the 20th-22nd April in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Thomas will be joining Dan Da Rocha and Ante Vrdelja on a panel moderated by Becky Taylor in which they talk about "Building Communities = Your Best Marketing Strategy)". The panel will be held between 14:30 - 15:30 at the 3Lateral Poolside Panel Area on Thursday 20th April 2017.

Whereas Ethan will be giving a lecture on "Rapid Iteration In D Without Ditching Your C++ Codebase" on Friday 21st at the Square Enix Collective Hall. The keynote will last for an hour and will start at 17:00.

For more information, check out the Reboot Develop website, HERE.

Tribeca Game Festival [29th April]

In addition to the Tribeca Film Festival this year, there's a new event; the Tribeca Games Festival in New York. The festival will take place between April 28th - 29th. Taking part in it's debut is Remedy's Creative Director, Sam Lake. He will be taking the main stage for a fifty minute talk on 29th April, starting at 16:30.

Keynote Description:
"Sam Lake, the creator of Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break, will chronicle his unique approach to storytelling in games in a conversation with film maker of the hit films Divergent and Limitless, Neil Burger."
For more information, check out the Tribeca Games Festival website, HERE.

Digital Dragons [22nd-23rd May]

Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy), Petri Alanko (Composer) and Tatu Aalto (Senior Graphics Engineer) will all be attending Digital Dragons in Kraków (Poland), between 22nd-23rd May. Both developers will be holding separate keynotes about their specialist subjects.

Sam Lake's Keynote Description:
The Remedy Story So Far. Remedy’s Creative Director Sam Lake takes you on a magical mystery tour through the past 20 years of Remedy Game history – Max Payne, Alan Wake, Quantum Break – the storytelling, characters and the worlds. The presentation gives you a walkthrough of the methods and the madness, and (as a bonus level) thoughts on games yet to come.
Petri Alanko's Keynote Description:
The Creative Process Behind Composing Music For: Quantum Break. Petri Alanko (aka Lowland) is a BAFTA nominated Finnish composer, musician and producer. His dynamic repertoire ranges from the haunting orchestral/electronic score for Remedy Entertainment’s psycho-thriller, Alan Wake, to elegant and sophisticated classical arrangements for Imaginaerum The Movie, based on the album by symphonic metal band Nightwish. His latest opus is the epic and emotional electronic sci-fi score for Remedy’s next cinematic blockbuster, Quantum Break.
Tatu Aalto's Keynote Description:
Rendering in Northlight & Quantum Break. How to build pretty pixels Northlight is Remedy’s in-house engine and set of tools that we use to create our games. The latest game that shipped using Northlight is Quantum Break for Xbox One and PC. Remedy always pushes the envelope with state of the art real-time visuals and we spent a significant amount of resources in upgrading our engine and rendering pipeline for the next-generation. The aim is to enable realistic worlds that feel alive and support our story-telling aspirations. In this talk, our Senior Graphics Engineer, Tatu Aalto, will go over the rendering stages in Quantum Break on a high level. The presentation will give you an idea of what is required for drawing a frame in a game and how we do this in Northlight.

Full times and lecture locations will be announced closer to the event date! 

The convention is the largest gaming convention in Central Europe. It will be held in a new venue this year at ICE Kraków Congress Centre, in the centre of Kraków, with connections to the airport and the Main Train Station. For more information, check out the Digital Dragons website, HERE.


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