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18th April 2017
Remedy Devs Share Their Quantum Break Memories

In a new blog post on the official Remedy site, the Quantum Break developers share their favourite memories from working on the title. The post is part of a series of celebrations commemorating the one year anniversary of the game's launch.

The article features interviews with Elmeri Raitanen (Senior VFX Artist), Jussi Kemppainen (VFX Artist), Greg Louden (Senior Narrative Designer), Ilkka Kuusela (Senior Gameplay Animator), Aureo Lorenzo (Concept Artist), Nazareno Urbano (former Environment Artist), Lennie Hakola (Producer), Eevi Korhonen (Game Designer), Camilla Taipalvesi (HR), Tommi Saalasti (Senior Scripter), "Production team",  and Lauri Haavisto (Senior Media Producer).

If you've joined the community in recent months, or missed the first showing, the blog post also contains a "game trailer" that you may really like! The video delves into the weird and wonderful bugs which occurred during the title's development as well as early footage. It was released a little while ago as a fun recruitment trailer for the studio.

You can read the entire post on the Remedy website, HERE.


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