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23rd March 2017
NAVGTR 2017 Winners Announced!

Last month, Quantum Break was nominated in six categories at the NAVGTR Awards (National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers). The game faced tough competition from fellow AAA-developers, but won one of the awards, "Performance in a Drama (Supporting)" with Aidan Gillen's amazing work as Paul Serene! 

Playing Paul Serene is a challenging role; a businessman with a unique knowledge of the events which will come to past, some which haunt him. But there's more beyond that, the Chronon Syndrome. In short Serene is a dying man and he is responsible for killing the world. Gillen played the part perfectly, reflecting a broken man who, despite all that power, is also internally screaming. With any game, there's a collaborative effort beyond each character, each level, each cinematic. And so in addition to the award being down to Gillen's talents and skills as an actor, it's also shared with the writers, the directors, the artists, animators, and more, all of whom worked together to create a fleshed out and sympathetic character... well, the latter depending on your junction moments.

This year marked their 16th award ceremony. Nominees were selected by 1,195 press voters for 60 categories. For more information on the other nominees and the awards, check out their official website, HERE. You can also follow the awards on their Facebook and Twitter channels.


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