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21st March 2017
TrueAchievements' New Monthly Themed Feature
[Launch Featuring Alan Wake] ENDED

Update 23/3/2017: The results are in and Alan Wake was the chosen game for April! The title collected over 1,200 votes.

Recently, TrueAchievements announced a new monthly project called TA Playlist.

For the feature, TA takes a game, which has been selected by the community, and creates a month's worth of content celebrating the winning choice. There will be community discussions, podcasts and videos talking about player experiences.

The chosen games will be available to play on XBOX One and XBOX 360 backwards compatibility titles, that are accessible to players and inexpensive to buy.

The community can chose the game they want spotlighted by voting in their monthly poll. For their first month, TA have selected Alan Wake, Dishonored, Batman Arkham Asylum and Wolfenstein: The New Order. While the poll results were hidden a few hours after opening, Alan Wake took a very strong early lead, and hopefully it's a sign of things to come! :)

If you want to help Wake, vote on the TA poll, HERE. [Must have an account to vote.]


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