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24th February 2017
Official Dev Interviews Series Continues with Elmeri Raitanen & Studio Culture Article by Camilla Taipalvesi

Earlier this month, Remedy started a new feature on their website which delves deeper into the studio culture and upcoming projects. The feature began with an interview with Remedy's Game Director Mikael Kasurinen who spoke about future projects. 

For their second (and latest!) interview, Thomas Puha spoke to Elmeri Raitanen, Lead Visual Effects Artist at Remedy, about creating broken time in Quantum Break and advice on getting into the industry.  The full interview can be read on the Remedy website, HERE

Accompanying the interview, Remedy also uploaded a new video explaining how they created the imagery for the fractures, with demonstrations and comparisons of the various differences between normal time and stutters. Check it out below! 

In addition to the interview, Camilla Taipalvesi, wrote an article on LinkedIn about what it's like working at Remedy. Her role as HR Specialist is varied, with responsibilities such as recruitment, arranging office events, contracts and more. While her role isn't specifically on game development, she makes sure that the gears continue turning at the company, and helps shape its identity. You can read her article on LinkedIn, HERE


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