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23rd February 2017
The Fifth Anniversary of Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Yesterday, Alan Wake's American Nightmare saw its fifth anniversary! 

Originally launched on XBOX Live Arcade on 22nd February, it came to PC in June 2012, where it also received a physical edition published by Nordic Games (now THQ Nordic). The title isn't a direct sequel to Alan Wake, more like a spin-off game which took elements of the series and created a new adventure. As well as a single player campaign (lasting approximately five hours), there's a "Fight Til Dawn" horde mode.

With the release of Quantum Break last year, more people have joined the Remedy community and may not know much about Wake's Arizona adventure. So for the anniversary, there was the perfect opportunity to do something both targeted at new and long-time fans. It's something small, but I thought that a nice way to celebrate the occasion would be to write a list of five facts that a lot of people may not have known about American Nightmare

When I joined the community, I spent a lot of time on the Remedy Forums, it's changed a little since then, but I hope that it can return to the level of activity that it had. So, the American Nightmare facts can be found in a new thread on the forums. If you haven't joined yet, please check it out and consider joining. It's always great to see new fan art, cosplays and in-depth discussion. If you have any Remedy related projects, feel free to start a new thread about your work, we'll definitely love to follow your adventures evolve and develop! 

Read the Five Facts About Alan Wake's American Nightmare, HERE.


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