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Quantum Break Archive
[Act One / The Number One Killer Is Time]

(Incomplete) Quantum Break's world is filled with articles, collectibles and emails which expands on the story and provides more in-depth information about the events and individuals in the game. Below is a list of optional content which Jack can discover in Act One:

Key: P = Poster. A = Audio. T = Text. E = Email. V = Video.

-- ACT 1 / PART 1 --
Entering the University
 - Riverport University Map (P)
 - Protest Flier (P)
 - Stop Monarch Problems Poster (P)
 - Sofia Amaral Seminar Poster (P)
 - Bobby Radford Riverport Radio (A)
 - Amy's Monarch Timeline (P)
 - Return (V)
 - Paul Serene Focus Article (T)
 - Dr Kim Memorial Article (T)
 - RE: William Joyce Clearance (E)
 - Monarch Solutions Job Fair Poster (P)
 - Project Promenade Presentation (V)
 - Photo of Jack and Paul  (P)
 - RE: Project Promenade Beta Test (E)
 - RE: Coming Home? (E)
 - Corridor Schematics (P)

           -- ACT 1 / PART 2 --
               Project Promenade
            - Paul Serene  Lab Clearance (E)
             - Quantum Ripple
             - Library Protest (E)
             - University Operation (E)

           -- ACT 1 / PART 3 --
              The Escape
            - Bobby Radford Riverport Radio (A)

          -- ACT 1 / JUNCTION --
              PR / Hardline Junction
            - Quantum Ripple 2
            - William Joyce's Dossier (T)
            - Jack Joyce's Dossier (T)



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