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Shooting Tutorial
Alan Wake Walkthrough / Episode 01

Shooting in Alan Wake may not be as straight forward compared to other games. Whereas with many shooters, the player can shoot by tapping the mouse or trigger buttons, in this game you also need to fight with light. The Taken are covered in shadows, it acts as an impenetrable barrier and with it they can't be killed. The one thing they're vulnerable to is light which you can use to your advantage.

Scenario: After being saved by a being emanating light, he leads to a lamp post (or safe haven) where you can recuperate. Once at full health, the character guides you down into a small clearing where you face your second Taken. The light being hands you a torch and a gun and informs you have to defeat your enemy.

Note: The gun can only be obtained once you have used the torch to burn away the darkness surrounding the Taken.(Left trigger button for XBOX360, or left mouse button for PC)

Once you have burned away the darkness, the light being will give you a gun. At this point the game becomes slightly more frantic as the Taken rushes towards you. Keep him at a distance, and remember to dodge if he gets too close. Fire the revolver using the right trigger button if you are using the XBOX360 controller or left mouse button if you're using a PC. If you run out of ammo there is a ammo storage unit behind you.

**Nightmare Mode Tip** If you're playing on the hardest difficulties, I recommend that you only shine your beam on the first Taken and not boost the beam. The antagonist doesn't move at first so there's no need to kill him quickly. The batteries in your torch will diminish rapidly, and recharging is a lot slower than desired. There's also another mini fight scene involving a small group of Taken after the tutorial which you may want to save your batteries for.

XBOX360 Controller:
Left trigger button to boost light.
Right trigger button to shoot revolver.
Y to reload torch.
X to reload gun.

PC Keyboard and Mouse:
Right mouse button to boost light.
Left mouse button to shoot revolver.
Q to reload torch.
R to reload gun.

How The Game Helps: During the dream sequence, the light being offers help through direct commands. "Pick up the flashlight" and "turn your flashlight toward him and burn the darkness away". There are also onscreen instructions informing you of the controls. After you have burned away the darkness, the light being gives you a gun, and another on screen tutorial instructs you how to fire it. If you run out of ammo you can pick up some more from the ammo storage crate in the vicinity. There is also an onscreen indication when you are running out of bullets and need to reload.


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