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21st April 2016
Remedy's New Project Underway [& Discussion]

Today you may have seen articles talking about a new Remedy project in the works. The information has been picked up by IGN, Gamespot and many others, and focuses on the updated LinkedIn pages of employees at the company. Some of the developers have been working on the unannounced project for nine months with some joining it fairly recently.

Many of the articles have speculated that the new game might be Alan Wake 2 with others talking about Quantum Break 2. And some sites are taking the speculation to be confirmation. To clarify: at the moment there's been no official statement from Remedy about the project.

To give a little context about the articles, it's not rare for developers to start working on a title before the previous game ships. For instance Crystal Dynamics who works on the Tomb Raider series does a similar thing where they begin work on the next instillment months before the game before is launched. In the games industry it's not really practical to leave a company with huge gaps between projects. Development time is worth something, even if it's just ideas and exploring concepts, but waiting around isn't great for anyone. Those gaps can lead to layoffs and then rehiring again during inconvenient times, which impacts morale. So the news that a new project is underway so soon and has been for months, isn't too unexpected in the industry.

Still, it cool to hear that Remedy's new title is in the works, whatever it may be. I'm looking forward to it! :)


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