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20th April 2016
Community Spotlight: Goblinight's Quantum Break Fan Art

Community Spotlight is a regular feature which highlights amazing fan projects in the Remedy community. This week I wanted to write about Goblinight's incredible Quantum Break artwork.

First of all, apologies to Goblinight for the delay! For this feature, I always try to get in contact with the fan in question to ask if I could use their work on the site. This is even more important to me if the site where their work is hosted on doesn't include a share button. I contacted Goblinight about this  piece last month, but with a suddenly hectic work schedule and with the final large wave of Quantum Break news, it was hard to find time to sit down and properly write this post. (Community Spotlight usually takes much longer than any other posts.) I'm excited to be able to talk about this now though!

The thing which immediately hits you about the work is the amount of detail in the image! You can clearly see that the game had been heavily researched and studied for the piece, to capture the look and feel of Quantum Break's unique style.

The expression on Jack's face is impressive and you can clearly see the level of determination in his eyes. They're extremely emotive!

The sense of movement in the piece is amazing too! With the bullets, you have the sense that they are frozen mid-journey, which is a difficult effect to achieve in a digital painting. The distortion on the hand is equally impressive, and feels like the perfect recreation of the game's Time Shield power, complete with the blue tinted colour scheme.

To follow more of Goblinight's adventures, check out his deviantArt page, HERE.


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